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About Us

My name is Jazmin. I am a stay at home parent, living in the beautiful state of Texas. I started crafting November 2019, and opened an Etsy shop. I was a brand new online seller. When I first began, I listed glitter plastic ornaments with vinyl decoration. I was surprised how well I did in just the first few weeks. I was very busy that Christmas season selling many personalized ornaments. Around March 2020, I created a flower shadow box for my mother for Mother's Day and decided to list it in my shop. To my surprise, the shadow box went viral on social media and I sold more boxes than I could have ever imagined. At this point, I felt that my business had the potential to grow even more. I started researching different products that I could make and sell, and decided to start pressing t-shirts and sweatshirts. The current very popular trend is hand bleached apparel. Once again, I was shocked and very happy to see how many orders I was getting. Since then, I continue to improve my products and purchase new equipment to continue to grow my business. Currently I also sell ceramic mugs and ornaments with photos, keychains, and more. I am excited to also share that I will soon be working with a new machine, a laser engraver. I can't wait to offer even more products and continue to grow my business. I want to thank all my customers for all your support. 

I am currently working on my own stand alone website, moving my products slowly from my Etsy shop to this page. I want to thank you for your patience while I make this exciting move. I will still keep my Etsy shop open, but want to take advantage of this opportunity for my business. Please check my page often, as I will be adding more and more products every chance I get. 

All products on my page are hand crafted by me, inspected by me, and packaged by me. No product leaves my hands if I am not fully satisfied with the quality. I am determined to provide the best quality possible, and good customer service. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns. Thank you!!